Patsy Ann of Alaska is back!

I’m so glad to welcome the return of a favorite children’s book that’s been unavailable for a while. Epicenter Press of Seattle has picked up this gem, and its new book birthday is January 9, 2024. I hope you’ll read this true story of a purebred English bull terrier that was born in Portland, Oregon, back in 1929. Purchased by Juneau’s resident dentist for his twin daughters, the puppy came to Juneau on a steamship. The twins named their “baby” Patsy Ann, and they were confused when she didn’t come when called. Turns out, Patsy Ann was deaf from birth. But that didn’t slow her down one bit.

Patsy Ann was a wanderer—she refused to stay with that family or any other. She repeatedly ran away from anyone who tried to put a collar on her. When Patsy Ann discovered the hustle-bustle of the waterfront, along with the infinite possibilities of excellent snacks offered by dockworkers and tourists alike, she made the docks her new favorite place.

For the entire decade of the 1930s, this increasingly chubby friend greeted every ship that came into port, and became famous as postcards of the famous dog traveled the world. In fact, the mayor would finally name her “Official Boat Greeter of Juneau.”

Today a bronze statue of Patsy Ann still greets incoming ships on the old wharf where the living dog was so popular. And she stars in many vacation photos. Of course, even today there’s no collar on her neck—but there IS one lying across her paw in bronze. She still holds a place in the memories and hearts of Juneau and those who visit Alaska’s capitol even today.

Get your copy anywhere you buy books. Ask for it by title, by my name, or reference the ISBN number, which is 978-1-68492-208-6.

I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this scrappy little girl!

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