Alaskan Night Before Christmas

The True Story

By Tricia Brown

Illustrated by Alan Stacy

Published by Pelican Publishing Company, September 2008

32 pp, hardcover, 11.4 x 9.2 x 0.4 inches

ISBN-10: 1589805542

ISBN-13: 978-1589805545

For the whole family!

Santa is back from another Christmas journey around the world, and this time, he is loading his sleigh under the Northern Lights at North Pole, Alaska. Armed with an ice scraper and snuggled inside his heavy red parka, Saint Nick and his elves prepare the team of flying caribou. Trouble is, the lead caribou Kotz is determined to get attention this year. He’s tired of people thinking that reindeer pull the sleigh, and he’s alerted the media and sent out press releases across the globe, seeking recognition and fame. It’s up to Santa and the gentle, selfless reindeer Star to teach Kotz the true meaning of Christmas and to bring toys to all the boys and girls of the world.

Each caribou is named for an Alaskan town (which trouble Santa’s tongue on Christmas Eve) and the book contains a pronunciation guide and trivia about caribou and life in Alaska. With beautiful imagery and flowing rhymes, Alaskan Night Before Christmas is a wonderful addition to any holiday collection.

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“A delightful twist on Santa and his yearly Christmas journey! . . . All learn an important lesson about selfishness–a fun and educational story.”

–Jack Hanna, director emeritus, Columbus Zoo, and TV host of Into the Wild

Alaskan Night Before Christmas is sure to become another classic, gently reminding children and parents alike about keeping the spirit of Christmas year-round, not just when Santa’s watching. Speaking as a mother and an Alaskan, I highly recommend this book.”

–Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

“I love this story of the time my Kotzebue the caribou landed on the ‘Naughty List,’ but not for long! I’m so glad I gave Tricia and Alan those pads of paper, pencils, and art supplies so long ago. The dear children have put them to good use.”

–Santa Claus, North Pole, Alaska

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