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Children of the First People Study Guide

Travel to Alaska and meet ten “pen pals” in America’s 49th state. Exercises in reading, writing, geography are based on content of this terrific new book. Vocabulary and a word-find puzzle are included.

Click on the highlighted text above to download a pdf of the Study Guide.

An epic journey

Bobbie the Wonder Dog Activity Guide

Involve your students through reading, writing, and language arts, as well as geography and math, as you dive into the story of this amazing traveling dog from 1923-24.

Click above for a pdf of the Bobbie Activity Guide.

A story from the Top of the World


Click above to view and download a Teacher’s Guide to using this picture book to teach about the Iñupiaq culture as well as math, language arts, and history.

Learn more about this Ice-Age animal

Itchy Little Musk Ox Study Guide

Integrate lessons in geography, math, and natural history with the journey of the Itchy Little Musk Ox.

Liven up your lesson plans with Groucho

Groucho’s Eyebrows Study Guide

Tracking the whereabouts of Kristy’s

unique kitty cat makes learning more fun.