A Warm Welcome at Grant Watts Elementary

The staff at Grant Watts in Scappoose, Oregon, had really stoked up the kids before I arrived on November 5.

Everybody’s favorite librarian, Carol Moore, had coordinated the daylong visit and spread the news that a “real” author was coming. Flyers went home and the kids started learning all about Alaska. They reread my children’s books and made the most creative art and writing projects. I was so impressed!

When I arrived, I found the whole school decorated in Alaska themes, from the collection of Alaskana in the lobby entrance, to the art pieces that graced every hallway. I read Alaskan Night Before Christmas to batch after batch enthusiastic students . . . and they came back at me with some insightful questions about Alaska and about the writing process. Great minds and great manners.

Delicious MOUSSE treats!

At noon, I joined the staff for a delicious lunch prepared by one of the staffers, a former caterer who did Alaska proud with a tasty salmon chowder, “Caribou Crunch” popcorn treats, and one of my favorites, chocolate mousse decorated with sugar cookies in the shape of a moose head. (Thanks, Toni!) My warmest thanks to Carol and the entire staff for a memorable day with you and your students!

So many musk-ox puppets!