Fairbanks: Alaska’s Heart of Gold

By Tricia Brown

Photography by Roy Corral

Alaska Northwest Books, 2000

96 pages, paperback, 7.8 x 4.3 x .2 inches

ISBN-10: 0882405284

ISBN-13: 978-0882405285

Portable and beautifully illustrated, this handy guide will help you discover Fairbanks, with its natural wonders, people, gold rush history, wild places, and sense of discovery.

From an Amazon customer:

(Five stars) Concise introduction to the “Golden Heart City”

March 9, 2006 — I bought this as a primer for my (future) trip to Fairbanks. Some consider this frontier town, and not “Los Anchorage,” to be the “real” Alaska. The authors include interesting historical tidbits, demographics and myths. I’ve donated most of my books to charity, but this one’s a keeper 🙂