Oh, baby, it’s cold!

-10 in Anchorage

I shot this photo yesterday when I was flying back into Anchorage’s Merrill Field in a Cessna Caravan. I’d been out in Prince William Sound, visiting the village of Chenega Bay. My part of Alaska has been in the grip of deep cold for about a week. Now, you realize that Alaska is one-fifth the size of all of the Lower 48 states combined. So when I say “my part,” that’s only Southcentral Alaska, which usually doesn’t see below-zero temps in the winter. So a string of -5 to -10 days gives us room to whine. But not too loudly. You see, our friends in Fairbanks are shuffling around in -40 to -50F. And I heard this morning that Kobuk, Alaska, measured -59F. That shut me up.

All this said, I’m projecting to March 11-12, when I’ll be in ARIZONA (woo-hoo!!!) for the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona campus. I’ll be at the Author’s Pavilion on Saturday, March 11, from 12:15 to 2:15 p.m., signing copies of Bobbie the Wonder Dog and ZIG the Warrior Princess. And perhaps best of all, this trip will give me the chance to reconnect with a friend from high school. In the meantime, we’re layered up and hunkered down!

Flying over the Chugach Range. Come on, March! I’m cold!
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