Leader of the Pack?

It’s been a bountiful year at the Husky Homestead.

Who can resist a puppy? Not me! I was privileged to cuddle a puppy last March during the pre-Iditarod events in Anchorage, when four-time champion Jeff King brought along an armful of little furballs from his Denali Park kennel, the Husky Homestead. I’m a big fan of dog-mushing and of Jeff King in particular. Jeff and his wife, Donna Gates, hired me to edit their bestselling book, “Cold Hands, Warm Heart,” last year. Then they invited us to join their table at the Musher’s Banquet in Anchorage, held the night before the race start. Traditionally, the Iditarod begins on the first Saturday of each March . . . so that’s March 7 this year.

We loved every minute of it, from sniffing that sweet smell of puppy breath, to losing my own breath watching the mushers leave the starting line in downtown Anchorage. Jump on the Iditarod’s website and follow the mushers yourself. You’ll get hooked in no time. And let me know if you’d like me to visit your favorite school to talk about sled dogs, mushers, winners and losers, and/or any other aspect of writing or editing a book.


The Iditarod Fact Book” (Epicenter Press, 2006; Edited by Tricia Brown)

Sled Dog Wisdom” (Epicenter Press, 2005; Edited by Tricia Brown)

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts” (Husky Homestead Press, 1st edition 2008; by Jeff King and Donna Gates King) Visit www.huskyhomestead.com

Jeff King and Donna Gates with their editor at the 2008 Musher’s Banquet.
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