Go Bobbie!

We just heard that our book Bobbie the Wonder Dog is on the current list for 2nd- and 3rd-grade readers in America’s Battle of the Books. And having Brown as a surname has landed me right next to Judy Blume on the list. (OK, that was none of my doing, but what an excellent neighborhood I’m in.) Published by Alaska Northwest Books (an imprint of West Margin Press), Bobbie has been very popular and we love hearing from readers who’re enjoying it!

Bobbie the Wonder Dog shocked readers across America after walking from the Midwest to his home in Oregon, a distance of nearly 3,000 miles, in the winter of 1923-24.

American’s Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading list. Give the kids a head start on their Summer Reading Program and look for it here.

Frank Brazier poses with Bobbie
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