Not a Selfie Kind of Gal

When I was asked to create a minute-long video about the release of Bobbie the Wonder Dog in its softbound edition, my first reaction was stage fright. I’m the one in the family who takes the pics, and I rarely turn the camera around. Nonetheless, I love this story so much that I dove in for a brief promotional video. Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

Check out this 1924 photo of Bobbie, when he was the star in his own movie! Actually, movie-makers had the Brazier family help to reenact preparations for their big driving trip from Oregon to Indiana. After making his epic walk back from Indiana to Oregon, Bobbie started a new chapter in his life. No more a farm dog. Now he was a superstar.

Bobbie was an unstoppable traveling boy!

To order books, you can find Bobbie’s page on West Margin Press’s website. To get there, just click below on the beautiful note from Derric, who told me about how Bobbie inspired him to never give up.

And a special thanks to all of you in the Pandemic Readers Tribe! Readers gonna read, pandemic or not.

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