Head ’em up, move ’em out!

Fort Whoop-Up interior

Fort Whoop-Up, Lethbridge, Alberta


We’ve been driving through a land that’s so foreign to us, it feels like we’re extras in a Western movie. Today we explored Lethbridge, Alberta, the home of Fort Whoop-Up, where the Yankee whiskey traders made money off their Canadian neighbors on a well-used trail between Montana and the Canadian West. Here also is where the last great Indian battle occurred in the late 1800s. But as for today, it was quiet—three goats, a couple of cowboys, and some pale-faced Yanks named Brown were in the middle of the fort. We did get a personal roping lesson from Phil, the fort’s teamster and carpenter, who said he’s been “cowboying” for years. He’s the real deal. OK, I’m not about to put in my picture during roping lessons, but I will put in Perry’s—he was much better than I at this hand-eye coordination thing anyway. Onward to Edmonton and points beyond this afternoon. Stay posted.

The Horseless Cowboy

The Horseless Cowboy

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