Every State has a Book

Sponsored by the Library of Congress, the 2020 National Book Festival is coming right up, and I wanted to see the entire list of books nominated by the Center for the Book for each state and U.S. possession. You can even buy copies if you’d like. Just click here to see the marvelous variety of titles. I smiled when I saw a Deep South state chose a book about Antarctica. Alaska has no corner on writing about the cold, right?

Remember, you can also make your shopping list and order through your favorite independent bookstore. Shopping local has never been so important!

The festival is entirely virtual this year, so please follow the link to register. Don’t miss a minute of readings, author talks, and interviews with your favorite authors, both national and regional. REGISTER HERE

Thanks for all your kind words and support for Children of the First People. My creative partner, Roy Corral, and I appreciate you all.

ROY CORRAL, Photographer

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