Wild Alaska

Wild Alaska, 2nd edition

The Mountaineers Books, 1999

With Nancy Simmerman

348 pp, paperback, 9 x 5.9 x .9 inches

ISBN-10: 0898865832

ISBN-13: 978-0898865837

The essential guide for exploring outdoor Alaska, fully updated and detailing state parks, preserves, forests, rivers and national parks.

Wild Alaska offers both the first-time visitor and the experienced Alaskan trailblazer countless opportunities to explore the beautiful glaciers, rivers, and shorelines of “The Great Land.” It escorts travelers through these unique areas with detailed descriptions of their exact locations, acreage, access, wildlife, terrain, and the best season in which to visit. From boating and hiking to backpacking and camping, this is the most comprehensive encyclopedia for outdoor adventure in Alaska.

Readers will also find an appendix of useful information including the locations of campgrounds; addresses and phone numbers of land managers; access and services available at each village; and recommendations for further reading sources. With this guidebook in hand, Alaska’s doors are open to anyone who aspires to enter.

The first edition of this book was titled Alaska’s Parklands (ISBN 0-89886-053-9) by Nancy Simmerman. The new, second edition features 150 b&w photos and 34 maps, and covers 21 additional parklands.