The Alaska Almanac, Statehood Anniversary Edition

50 Years of Statehood!

50 Years of Statehood!

2009 was the 50th Anniversary of Alaska Statehood!

But wait, there’s more…

It was also the 50th Anniversary of publisher Alaska Northwest Books!

Released in Fall 2008, this 32nd edition of The Alaska Almanac includes lots of stories and sidebars on the road the statehood, as well as the usual cover-to-cover listings, A to Z, of Alaska facts, some that will blow your socks off. I worked as the Project Editor on this edition with Nancy Gates, who’s the fact-gathering person. The things you learn editing a book for a decade!

A completely updated and redesigned edition of the perennial bestseller, The Alaska Almanac is an indispensable reference for those who are traveling to the north or those who already know and love it but want to impress others with their encyclopedic knowledge of Alaska’s fascinating past and present.

This edition features factoids and nuggets about statehood as well as facts and figures on geography, history, economics, sports, cultures and people of the Last Frontier. Humorous blurbs and pointed commentary from Mr. Whitekeys geared to statehood will be included. There is no better reference than the Alaska Almanac for those who want to really “know” Alaska.